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Friday, September 22nd


  • It will limit those with genuine, aspirations and vocational goals.
  • The rise of tuition fees will reduce the diversity of students : it will widen the class divide. A degree will become a status symbol.
  • The wealthiest will obtain the most prestigious degrees.

- Having a degree is being jeopardized by the proposal to remove the cap on tuition fees.


  • If many people can go to university, the degrees they will get won’t be as valuable. If fewer students have degrees they will be more valuable.
  • The money you will spend on tuition fees is a right contribution back into the system when students pay off their loans.
  • We have a large gap to fill in the university budget.

Friday Sept 15th





a far-fetched story

console = soothe

complain about


I am in pain

It is hurting


2/ UK students choose European universities as tuition fees rise

What do you expect to hear?

I expect to hear about some English students talking about leaving home to go study in European Universities because they are cheaper / not as expensive or even free.

The document is a TV programme about a new phenomenon referred as « Tuition Tourism »in the UK as Tuition fees rise. In Holland they expect the number of applicants to double / increase dramatically.

There are agreements between European countries to maintain accessible tuition fees for European citizens.

The Netherlands are one of the cheapest places to study in Europe (1700€a year) compared to the cost of Education in UK where they charge up to 9000£

Charge =~ ( for sth ) the amount of money that sb asks for goods and services

We have to make a small charge forrefreshments.

admission charges

Delivery is free of charge.

Friday Sept 9th

GR 2

BBC listening

This document is a radio article / document which deals with the perfect body to survive a car crash.

An artist, a crash expert and a surgeon created this body / model called Graham.

It / he is an Australian project for TAC organisation to prove people that roads need to be improved to prevent car accidents.

These improvements are made to save his life but they also make him ugly.

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