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Friday, September  29th


1.NATURE of the document

=> title and subtitle + date + source + legend/caption/comments

The document is the cover of a special issue called / entitled the Time.

It deals with / It is about the people who live in the USA.

New words

  • misleading
  • mislead, misled, misled,   -ing  
  • an issue = a topic with a problem or a copy of a newspaper/magazine
  • main = principal
  • caption = legend


Class : Which strategies for your first examin february that is the Oral Comprehension? Think about it and try to come to a method

Group 1 : Define the Notion "Space and Exchanges" which we have started to work on with our talks about our ancerstors who emigrated and now with study of the UNIT "the new Americans"

Thursday, September 28th    GROUP 2


Why do people choose the US if they want to emigrate? Why is it their first choice?

It is a very attractive country because the American dream is still alive: it is a place where anyone can become "real", that is someone who is influential.

It has offered many opportunities such as the gold rush : people could make a fortune overnight.

It is also called the "new world", as it is a new nation. It is only about two centuries old and it was shaped by immigrants.

It is a nation of nations.

The notion of space and exchanges

space =>geographical areas / territories / conquest / border /...

exchanges => trade / telecommunication / technologies => GLOBALIZATION / emigration / ... => INTERACTION









Monday, September 25 th

CS: Milàn Trkulja



1 - Lauries Recap :


 I havent heard


2 - Personal histories concerning emigration :

Do I have any ancestors who came to France?


Corentins ancestors:


Grandfather from Senegal,

he came in order to find a job.


Laurianes ancestors:


Great-great-grandfather from Spain,

he felt his life was at risk!


Lauries ancestors:


As far as she knows, her ancestors are French like Romanes ancestors / just the same as Romane.


Hugos ancestors:


He has ancestors who left France to go to the U.S.A in order to find a better job.


In a word, here we can see that these people left their countries in order to get better job opportunities or to  flee from war.


New words:


  • (hear, heard, heard,  hearing)
  • give or take / roughly / about     example: roughly 300 words. / 300 words give or take
  • purpose/goal
  • flee, fled, fledfleeing (from)
  • be at risk
  • threathen, ed, ed, ing = menace




Not to be confused:


1/   pour quelqu’un : for someone   > There's a letter for you


2/ pour / afin de :   (in order) to do something     > find an argument to convince him 



And you teacher, do you have any ancestors who came to France?

Its hard to say just the same as you guys.

I can just guess from our names and our looks that some of them came  from Nordic countries and also from Eastern Europe a long time ago

FOR SINCE AGO    Let's practise!



         Friday, September22nd



1- Hugo's recap :


He must make full sentences : Last time         we talked about...

                 Marker of time > past   >       preterite



2- Personal histories concerning emigration :

Do I have any ancestors who emigrated/came to France ?


Jules' ancestors :

On his mother's side

→ a Belgium great-grandfather

On his father's side

→ an Algerian great-grandmother →(?)she left Algeria because of the war


Arthur's ancestors :

On his father's side

→ a Polish great-grandfather → he left Poland to start anew/ start from scratch and because of the war because he was a Jew/ Jewish


*Jewish adj.

BrE / ˈdʒuːɪʃ /


connected with Jews or Judaism; believing in and practising Judaism

  •  We're Jewish. 



Emma's ancestors :


 As far as she knows her  ancestors have been  French for a long time




For + durée

Since + date / point de départ

During + nom de la période (Christmas holiday, etc.)




New words :


- audience = public                               

 - as far as we know

   - about/concerning/regarding                

- improve = make better                        

-     interrogative words   =>      what...for ? (what are the reasons they came for ?)  ~    why… ? (Why did they ome ?)

- I think, thought, thought

- I suppose … I guess … Maybe…. He may have + PP

- thanks to # because of

- start anew / start from scratch

- highlight, ed, ed -ing




Thursday, 21st of September

Small talk

Today we are welcoming a new student. His name is Marcio. He lived in St Martin but before that he used to live in Brazil.

Personal history:

Jade asked her parents    if/whether   they knew anything about their origins and   that’s/ that is  the

  •         Concordance des temps

way / that’s how  she realized they didn’t have any ideas/ a clue. Some of us feel that something is (very) wrong here.

On contrary some other pupils find it perfectly normal.

Actually, it’s crucial to know things about our family history in so far as / since  it explainS who we are.



  • That is to say
  • used to + be: something you did before but that you no longer too  (=> contrast between past and present)
  • improve, d, d, ing
  • a native speaker/ language
  • be a native
  • in fact,… = actually,…
  • don’t have to = no obligation = it is not necessary
  • insofar as = since = seeing that  (dans la mesure où / parce que / vu que )
  • a clue = (to sth) a fact or a piece of evidence that helps you discover the answer to a problem
  • whether (= if )=> used to express a doubt or choice between two possibilities




Monday, September 18th


Vocabulary test

Alexis' explanations

Ten-year plans => ID (written expression

New york times article on the web : 2 high-school seniors' oral presentations about their Ten-year plans


Friday, September 15, 2017      CS alexis  leconnet  (never sent the lesson)




New words


After that,

Divide, d, d ing

Save time


be all ears : we are listening / we are paying attention

ask for

spirit => “that’s the spirit”

so far : jusqu’ici

remind someone of something

remind, ed, ed, ing

that is to say : c à d

replace, d, d ing

either … or …soit … soit …




A person WHO …

A thing WHICH …


For me

In order to



Summarize   / summarise





Thursday, September 14th



Recap (Oscar + Benjamin)


assess, ed, ed –ing   V   (V for Verb)  = give a mark to provide an idea of the level

assessment     N    (N for Noun)


provide > give


a provider


catch phrase    > slogan > motto


 a catch phrase = “vivid, striking phrase” : accroche, slogan accrocheur






Marker of time in the past => I must use the past tense


Example: Yesterday, we had to explain what we did last time

  • Both verbs are in the past because of the marker of time “yesterday”

The present perfect is only used for the present


An example with the file a classmate sent (Noemie)

Assignment : produce 2 files to say how you picture yourself in 10 years

Name them + your form

Send it by mail  






First contact:

Roll call

Oral participation sheet

Rules of the English class +  Identity Card     / ID

Timetable to check

Material : exercise-book (voc at the end and 1 page= one class)

Curriculum concerning the coming year   :

> the 4 notions and the final examination, + "Brave New world" that you had to read during the summer


Homework : be able to sum up what we did and learn today + learn the vocabulary and start organizing it (themes)

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