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activité de suivi pour mes élèves: outils, conseils, recaps, quelques blagues...


 Today, Enzo is going to explain what we did last time...  (Recap)

We understand that the recap does not have to be exactly what is written in the exercise-books: it must be a lively report. We can evoke some anecdotes and some new words we came to use in addition to the formal facts we noted. 



a person who...

a thing which ... 

Let's check we know how to sing the first paragraph / verse, then let's move on to the 2nd Verse

He'll wrap you in his arms,
      tell you that you've been a good boy
         He'll rekindle all the dreams
         it took you a lifetime to destroy
         He'll reach deep into the hole,
            heal your shrinking soul,
       but there won't be a single thing
            that you can do
            He's a god, he's a man,
             he's a ghost, he's a guru
           They're whispering his name
            through this disappearing land
           But hidden in his coat
         is a red right hand

A few landmarks regarding the prohibition era in the USA + A top mobster 's biography 

So, / consequently, / As a result,   mafia gangsters made big money/ became very rich/ wealthy/well-off  / made fortunes (out of bootlegging/ illicit or illegal liquor trade).


Al Capone was officially declared Public enemy n°1 in 1931 / at this time by the authorities following / after the Saint Valentine Dat Massacre. 



Assignment: learn the 2nd verse by heart. based on the work we did in class, write a personal biography of Al Capone. 




Friday, 6th October


  • make up = invent
  • I have just made it up
  • I am very bad at typing !
  • Fail to do something
  • area = zone, surface   ≠ era  = a special period of time (époque)in the past

(definition : a period of time, usually in history, that is different from other periods because of particular characteristics or events
 > the Victorian/ modern/ post-war era)

  • network : réseau

Let's sing a song! Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the bad seeds

A few landmarks 

 key ideas:

what ? mafia > power through illicit liquor trade who ? when ? prohibition era  (from 1919 to 1933)top mafia gangster Al Capone




Monday, October 2nd

1.Today we have to do the recap in pairs and also assess our classmate


For me/ in my opinion / I think / As far as I am concerned, when the gangster has the leading role, he is very likeable, charismatic, stricking and usually / most of the time it is an iconic, popular and well-known actor who gets the role / is  appointed for /is chosen the role.

On the other hand, we can notice that when / if  they aren't the focus of the story / plot,

they are seen / presented / shown as bad / evil/ mean / nasty / wicked guy(s)

Why is that? Why are such evil people presented as heroes?

In my opinion, producers think it is good for business, you know... I mean for 

the sake of change. (Grégoire's idea)

For me, the reason why  they show them in this light lies in the fact that their lives are so fascinating / interesting/ thrilling / extra-ordinary literally.



likeable : pleasant and easy to like

On the other hand  used to introduce a different point of view, idea, etc, especially when is opposite

plot= the series of events that form the story of a novel, play, film/ movie, etc.


for the sake of : for the sake of sth/ of doing sth
in order to get or keep sth

thrilling   exciting and enjoyable
>  a thrilling experience

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