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correction Brave New World

Correction BNW



CS : contre sens

md : mal dit (maladroit)

W.O : word Order (ordre des mots)

Gr : grammar

LC : Linking Words  (=> To begin with, then, thus, so, that's why, furthermore, ...)


  • Presentation = write every other line


  • Analysis :
  1. always  follow the same  pattern : nature of the document, and present the main points (topic, characters, setting, Time),
  2. then start explaining what is at stake here by way of choosing some details instead of others.
  3.  Finally, you may express your point of view on the whole matter, be it the story itself, the style, the genre, its purpose, etc. Pick and choose!


  • You don’t have to report everything.
  1. You only need to report what makes the story worth the reading

=>  the main action serves what purpose? What is behind the plot?

Here : a political system that mass-produces men and women to ensure the social stability and enable an elite to rule smoothly. A dystopian world.

  1. Secondly, the ironical tone that regularly becomes satirical.

Choose a quote to make your point.



caste noun
BrE / kɑːst /
 [C] a social class, especially one whose members do not allow others to join it
 the ruling caste

depict   [dɪ'pɪkt] transitive verb →  synonyms
[in words] ▶ dépeindre, ▶ décrire
[in picture] ▶ représenter
■ surprise was depicted on his face :  la surprise se lisait sur son visage | son visage exprimait la surprise

ironic adj.
BrE / aɪˈrɒnɪk /
 (also less frequent iron•ic•al / BrE  
1 showing that you really mean the opposite of what you are saying; expressing irony
 an ironic comment
2 (of a situation) strange or amusing because it is very different from what you expect
 It's ironic that she became a teacher—she used to hate school.  
 see also irony
 iron•ic•al•ly / BrE aɪˈrɒnɪkli  NAmE aɪˈrɑːnɪkli / adv.
 Ironically, the book she felt was her worst sold more copies than any of her others.  
 He smiled ironically.  

satire noun
BrE / ˈsætaɪə(r) /
[U, C]
a way of criticizing a person, an idea or an institution in which you use humour to show their faults or weaknesses; a piece of writing that uses this type of criticism
 political/ social satire
 a work full of savage/ biting satire
 The novel is a stinging satire on American politics.  

gamete noun
BrE / ˈɡæmiːt /
a male or female cell that joins with a cell of the opposite sex to form a zygote (= a single cell that develops into a person, animal or plant)

zygote noun
BrE / ˈzaɪɡəʊt /
a single cell that develops into a person or animal, formed by the joining together of a male and a female gamete (= a cell that is provided by each parent)

correction Brave New World
correction Brave New World
correction Brave New World
correction Brave New World
correction Brave New World
correction Brave New World
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