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                                                                                                         English lesson : 06/11/2017



Vocabulary :

- Tidy away

- still ≠ always

> Corentin is still in India ≠ I am always careful




-Warming up



Grammar :

le «On»           indéfini

Se traduit par du passif en anglais

On m'a dit... I was told...

The United States is often referred as : on se réfère souvent aux ...


To what extent is the American Dream still alive ?

A nation of nations

  • The United States is often referred as :

-the Land of Freedom

-(the New World : in the past centuries)

-A land of Opportunities

  • People emigrate because they want to be free :

-From want (poverty, starvation, unemployment,...)

-from fear (oppression, war, political persecution, mafia...)

-to create (artists, engineersentrepreneurs,...)

-to worship (every faith)

-to oppression (gender, political opinion, ideologies, ...)

This document shows us that the American Dream is still alive. Indeed, people are in search of freedom and the Promised Land encapsulate their quest.


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