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1ES October

Friday October 20th Gr 1


We are going to do the roll call.

We are going to say who is here and who isn't / is away.

What is the matter with the two missing girls? L. is at the hospital because she needs some surgery. Indeed, One of her teeth has to be removed / needs to be removed.


Question : How are mafia gansters represented in fiction?

On the film poster...

There are  two small pictures / photographs at the top, and we can see the same group of young people. In their childhood they were in rags / poor/ from the lower-class whereas they look pleased and well-off / wealthy now they are adults / grown-ups.  .

Obviously, they went 'from rags to riches'. They succeeded. They are well-dressed, young, and attractive. They look influential/powerful. They can represent /embody the typical American perfect success story.

So, this first document enables us to conclude / understand / see that in fiction mafia gansters are seen as appealing/ attractive / fascinating / mysterious people/ characters / guys.

How weird! Why is that? Here is food for thoughts...






  •  Sarah, assistante: présentation et organisation sous forme de conversation
  • réactivation  : recap avec Lisa
  • début de réponse à la problématique (à partir de sa culture et/ou grâce au 1er document étudié en classe) du thème lié à la notion qu'il nous reste à déterminer

it has to be written again (was erased by accident)


I'd rather (not + BV


How the Mafia is represented in fiction: 

in my opinion, Mafia characters are shown as mysterious, dangerous and stressful people. They mask ther illegal activities by owning perfectly legal businesses.

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