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Monday, October 2nd

Correction of the summary of Brave New World, Chapter 1

1.Nature of the document:

example: This document is the first chapter of a book entitled "Brave New World". It was written by Aldous Huxley in 1932.

2.Global comprehension:

-The topic(what?)

-The characters(who?)

-The time(when?)

-The place(where?)

3.Detailed comprehension:

-The point of view

-The irony

-The point/aim/purpose/goal of the passage etc..

the action, the other characters

your opinion


-Wander/roam, -ed, -ing (the street/corridors)


-Hatchery (hatch)

a motto / a slogan



lower class // upper-class


The first baccalauréat  examination:  the oral comprehension

which will takes place in February. We will listen to a recording which will last  for 1, 30' max. There will be two breaks of 1,30' each. After the third listening, we will have ten minutes to summarize the document in French.

THE TITLE OF THE DOCUMENT WILL BE PROVIDED (written on the board before the recording is played: it may be very useful to identify the topic.


How to proceed?

-During the first listening, you concentrate on the global comprehension.

-Then during the second listening, you check you were right, you complete and start to take notes about other pieces of information.

-3 rd listening:  you complete your notes

When it stops you have 10 minutes:

Then you organize your notes into a summary in French which must be structured as well:

>>  present the document, the characters, the topic, and explain all that was said.


(if you do that you will lose many points)




Monday, September 25 th                    CS Dorian F


Vocabulary :

  • flee / fled / fled / fleeing      ( fuir)
  • threaten, ed, ed –ing (menacer)
  • be at risk    
  • lifestyle : mœurs (façon de vivre)
  • living standards : niveau de vie
  • or else : ou autre

Phonology :


  • Two syllable words ending with –age read - / idz / (idge)
  • village, damage, courage, cottage, luggage


Grammar :


  • Modal Auxiliary + base verbale => it never changes
  • He must have felt threanened


  • Present Perfect :   Have + Past Participle
  • He has felt   threatened     (threatened is an adjective here)


Lecon :


  • On his mother’s side, my grand father is Swiss and his mother was Austrian and Italian
  • Maybe they fled from Switzerland because of the War.
  • They may have felt in danger / threatened.




  • On his father’s side, his  grand father and his family came from Algeria.
  • They left their country because of the War and the massacres in their village.




  • On his mother’s side, his grandfather and his family came from Portugal to benefit from social allowances : life was so difficult back in Portugal that this was an opportunity to get better living conditions.


( T & T Rapin)

  • On his father’s side, his brother with his grandparents fled from Spain because of the New King and my grandfather was transferred to France.




To conclude, there are plenty of reasons why people leave a country for another:

  • When they feel threatened
  • For better job opportunities
  • For a better lifestyle / standards of living
  • For love
  • Because of  poverty

But also for other reasons that we will come to understand along our study of this issue with the Unit « New Americans »

Monday, September 11th


slide → glisser

take off → enlever

measure → mesure

display → afficher

let's get started → commençons

we're almost done → on a presque fini

let's move on to → passer a quelques chose d'autre

here is = this is → voici

does it ring a bells ? → est ce que ça te rappelle quelques chose

Translate → traduire

form → classe/formulaire

wait for → attendre

on your own → seul

a few → quelques

course → séquence




Reminder :


Present perfect : have + participe passé

There is a link between the past and the present


Modal auxiliaries : must + BV


a few + plural

a little + singulier


Classroom English


can you step aside please ?

Clean, erase, wipe



I- Explain the notion


Monday, September 11th     (we are waiting for Florian's post for the recap, he was the class secretary (Florian santa...^^)

Pour remplacer pronote en attente: 


Gestion tableau : Florian santacreu
Réactivation vocabulaire anglais technique + expressions courantes
Classroom English = retours sur les basiques non maîtrisés ou oubliés
Rappel en grammaire
= >  present perfect :valeur et construction
= > a few / a little
1/ définir la notion
(réfléchir à une démarche qu'il faudra expliciter)
1/ poursuivre votre réflexion pour définir sur la notion "SPACE AND EXCHANGES" : démarche et résultat
2/  interroger votre famille pour savoir si à moment donné un de vos ascendant a émigré en France : quand? Pourquoi? 

 - Spaces and Exchanges  to define 

Immigration :

 - personal history

- personal knowledge on the subject


First contact with the whole class:

Roll call

Oral participation sheet

Rules of the English class +  Identity Card     / ID

Timetable to check

Material : exercise-book (voc at the end and 1 page= one class)

Curriculum concerning the coming year   :

> the 4 notions and the final examination, (if time : "Brave New world" that you had to read +

Summary of Brave New world: written expression)


Homework : be able to sum up what we did and learn today + learn the vocabulary and start organizing it (themes)

First contact with group 2:

Roll call

Oral participation sheet

 - Spaces and Exchanges  to define 

Immigration :

 - personal history

- personal knowledge on the subject



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